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Four Great Travel Writing Books About Travelling With Your Dog

Anyone who has a dog knows how much their best friend loves getting out and about, and these four books are among the best travel writing books which feature a canine companion in the writing.

1. Narrow Dog to Carcassonne; by Terry Darlington

One of the best and funniest travel books ever written full stop, with Jim the whippet as the integral part of the book. Why one would ever think of taking a narrow boat across the English Channel with a dog is something else, but it is beautifully and evocatively written and makes Jim a hero.

2. The Cruelest Miles; by Gay and Laney Salisbury

Some may not consider it a travel writing book in the pure sense, but it’s an amazing story of the dogs who carried a life saving serum across the ice of Alaska and inspired the annual Iditarod Dog Sled Race, whilst also immortalising the lead dog, Balto.

3. Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey; by Ara Gureghian

This may divide opinion and is written by the author in his own inimitable style. It tells of his travels – still continuing – across North America with a dog he rescued, Spirit. Cool dog.

4. Travels with Macy; by Bruce Fogle

British Vet, Bruce Fogle, along with his dog, Macy, retraces John Steinbeck’s path from the American author’s 1960’s classic Travels with Charley. 

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New Michelin Guide to Washington, D.C. Restaurants

Michelin will this week release the newest edition of the MICHELIN Guide Washington, D.C., for 2018, and they are adding two more star selections to the nation’s capital.

Michelin inspectors, who have been dining anonymously around Washington, D.C., for the last two years, have recognized Komi and Metier for the first time.

Komi, led by local chef Johnny Monis, earns its first star for a Mediterranean tasting menu that offers diners a variety of small bites, house-made pasta, and roasted meat, often goat.

Métier, owned by chef Eric Ziebold and partner Célia Laurent, features menu items that have been locally sourced and décor items from the owners’ personal collections.

Additionally, the 2018 MICHELIN Guide Washington, D.C., recognizes more than 70 restaurants with the Plate symbol, a designation given to restaurants that inspectors recognize as having potential and are recommended to travelers and locals for quality food.

More than 33 styles of cuisines appear in the Guide. Diners can find recommendations for establishments with notable wine, beer, sake and cocktail lists, as well as menus on which average prices are $25 and under.

The 2018 selection includes:

  • Three restaurants with two stars
  • 11 restaurants with one star
  • 22 restaurants with a Bib Gourmand


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New edition of The Rough Guide to the Philippines

Rough Guides have this month published a new edition of The Rough Guide to the Philippines.

As the publisher says, “written with Rough Guides’ trademark mix of honesty, wit and practical advice, this fully updated, stunningly illustrated travel guide brings you comprehensive coverage of all the country’s unmissable experiences.”

Rough Guides authors always visited their destinations and you can read about diving off Palawan, exploring the Chocolate hills on Bohol or climbing volcanic Mount Pinatubo. The guide is packed with colour-coded maps and easy-to-follow transport advice to help navigate your way.

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Three New Fodor’s Travel Guides Published Today

Fodor’s have today published three new Travel Guides in their ‘Full-Color Travel Guide’ series: Las Vegas, San Francisco and US & British Virgin Islands.

And more are being published soon in November on Barcelona, The Carolinas, California and elsewhere.

In each guide, you’ll find insider tips, planning essentials, and hotel, restaurant & sights recommendations. Available in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon and other good booksellers!


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Abandoned Wrecks: A Fascinating Photographic Montage

Abandoned Wrecks is a rather wonderful book recently authored by Chris McNab. It has 170 fascinating colour photographs of such wrecks: cars, trains, ships, submarines, tanks, aircraft and even a space shuttle. From ships left high and dry after the retraction of the Aral sea to the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic, to abandoned World War II cars in a Swedish forest. There are also aircraft frozen in time in Antarctica, streetcars sidelined in Brooklyn, New York.

As publisher, Amber Books states: “Aside from the peculiar beauty of rusting hulks on forgotten battlefields, anemone-covered battleships on the seabed and cars being consumed by forests, the images and text introduce us to unusual stories: how a car standing on its nose in the Nevada desert has inspired an artist into making a design feature from junked cars, a Canadian schooner that sank in 1885 and rests preserved to this day in a harbor in Lake Huron, and a space shuttle left gathering dust in a hangar.”

You can buy it on or (and other good booksellers too!)

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Four new Greater Than a Tourist travel guides published today

The Greater Than a Tourist series of travel guides has today published four new guides available for Kindles: The Hague, Bridgetown, Bucharest and Belgrade. The books are written by someone who has lived in the area for over three months and their goal is to “help travelers either dream or experience different locations by providing opinions from a local.”

It’s a nice idea and there are many more books in the series as well. You can buy them through your Kindle or online on Amazon.


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Buying Second Hand Travel Books From Oxfam Online

Oxfam Bookshop, by Matt Brown on Flickr

I am a huge fan of Oxfam’s dedicated second-hand book shops. I have always found a great range, good quality books and I’ve often found books I would never have thought about buying if I hadn’t seen them there. But I hadn’t realised until recently that Oxfam also sell thousands of books online, including a large selection of travel books.

The travel books are mostly but not exclusively older and more oriented to specialist/collectable items than those you will find in your average high street Oxfam bookstore, but there are still a handful of Lonely Planet and Rough Guides and the like.

At the time of writing this, there are 1876 second hand ‘travel and holiday books’ which cover travel writing, photography, cultural, climbing, even mythology and a host of other topics. You might need to spend a bit of time browsing through the books on the screen but the category, price, format and condition filters help. They range from under £5 to over £250!

Delivery is a flat £3.95 and they offer free returns on all UK orders. Visit the Oxfam online shop.

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Rough Guide Publish The Rough Guide to Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing

Rough Guides has published its latest city guide: The Rough Guide to Beijing. As the publisher says: “From the majestic Forbidden City and maze-like hutong alleys to gorgeous lake-filled parks and the exquisite Summer Palace, this vibrant book reveals the city’s best sights and attractions.” It also includes trips you can make outside Beijing, including treks around the Great Wall, ancient villages, imperial hunting parks and “offbeat museums”. As usual, the guide incorporates places to sleep, eat, drink, shop and unwind, including “Beijing’s Best”.

If you’re taking a trip to China’s capital city, then the guide will certainly help you navigate the city and make the most of your trip.

You can buy it online as a paperback from Amazon, Waterstones and elsewhere, or as an