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Meet Emma Svensson: She’s Climbing All of Europe’s Highest Mountains in One Year

Swedish photographer, Emma Svensson is climbing the highest mountain in every country in Europe. That’s 49 peaks. In one year.

The 49 peaksShe says that “after climbing Elbrus [in Russia] I got home and became restless and decided to climb the highest mountain in every country in Europe. I was on the top of Elbrus on August 1, 2017 so I have until August 1, 2018 to climb all 49 peaks.”

As well as Elbrus (5642m), she has already climbed Mont Blanc (4810m), Spain’s Mulhacén  (3478m) and eleven others. Only 38 to go!

She adds that depending on how you count Europe, there are different lists. “Others who have done Europe’s high points have mostly done the upper list, geographical Europe [click on the list on the right hand side]. So that is my main goal. If I do that I will be the first Swede to do this. But if possible, I will also try to do the extra mountains, just for fun.” You can see the list of those extra mountains on her website.

That is quite some definition of fun. But it will definitely be quite some achievement.

You can follow her progress on her website

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