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Four Great Travel Writing Books About Travelling With Your Dog

Anyone who has a dog knows how much their best friend loves getting out and about, and these four books are among the best travel writing books which feature a canine companion in the writing.

1. Narrow Dog to Carcassonne; by Terry Darlington

One of the best and funniest travel books ever written full stop, with Jim the whippet as the integral part of the book. Why one would ever think of taking a narrow boat across the English Channel with a dog is something else, but it is beautifully and evocatively written and makes Jim a hero.

2. The Cruelest Miles; by Gay and Laney Salisbury

Some may not consider it a travel writing book in the pure sense, but it’s an amazing story of the dogs who carried a life saving serum across the ice of Alaska and inspired the annual Iditarod Dog Sled Race, whilst also immortalising the lead dog, Balto.

3. Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey; by Ara Gureghian

This may divide opinion and is written by the author in his own inimitable style. It tells of his travels – still continuing – across North America with a dog he rescued, Spirit. Cool dog.

4. Travels with Macy; by Bruce Fogle

British Vet, Bruce Fogle, along with his dog, Macy, retraces John Steinbeck’s path from the American author’s 1960’s classic Travels with Charley.